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Founded in 2000, Auditrax has become the premiere audit firm in procure-to-pay recovery audits using the industry’s only combination of manual and electronic audit techniques. Auditrax has been able to deliver collected results of at least 4x the largest firms in the industry through their in-depth approach. All audits are provided on a contingent fee basis with a shared savings between Auditrax and the client with very little client intrusion and time requirements from staff.

When our founders formed the company, they took years of industry experience and improved upon processes to create the Auditrax we see today.

What we saw was an industry that was maturing and following the overall trend to bring technology into the process as much as possible. But at the same time we saw recoveries falling and made the connection that there had become an over-reliance on technology and deficiencies in human resources that need to interpret the audit results to lead to higher recoveries. At that point we created the business model we continue to this day of using technology at a level consistent with our competitors, bur relying on the human resources of the company to identify additional savings opportunities. When you look at our recoveries against those of our competitors, you can easily see that our human approach leads to our increased recoveries.
– Josh Fuhr, Co-Founder & Director

In 2012, Auditrax launched its Supply Chain Consulting division to provide PeopleSoft FSCM implementations to hospital systems, and to improve supply chain operations during the implementation process. Following in the footsteps of how Auditrax began, an opportunity to help clients improve efficiencies was discovered.

Based on my experience working with operating rooms and supply chain in a hospital setting, we were presented with opportunities to implement these types of changes for healthcare organizations. We quickly jumped on the opportunity and grew the business segment from there. Supply chain is the last frontier for cost savings without cutting patient care staff, and fits well with our audit offerings to deliver a large package of sustainable cost savings reductions to healthcare customers.
– Todd Fuhr, Co-Founder & Director

Our past is something that we are proud of and we still channel the same principles that started Auditrax: we will always go the extra mile for our clients to improve their efficiencies, and increase cost and time savings.

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