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Assess the current state of supply chain and finance operations by determining areas of improvement. Utilizing our cross-functional expertise, Auditrax will identify cost savings opportunities while sharing best practices from other systems across the nation.

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Self-Funded Consulting


$979 PER BED

Ability to self-fund supply chain improvement and cost savings projects through recovery audit savings (currently averaging $979/bed in hard recovered costs to hospitals)

20 Focus Points in 5 Key Areas

1. MMIS System: Full Software utilization, including Auto Requisitioning
2. Main Warehouse, storeroom, and inventory locations: Process Flow, Lean, 5S
3. Consignment: Documentation and process controls
4. Point of Use System: EOQ Modeling, UDI, binning, integrated scanning
5. Freight & Courier management and owned truck routing efficiency

6. Preference cards & pick lists: statistical determination of item usage
7. Ongoing change management
8. Dashboarding and schedule optimization items
9. Pending Perioperative charges: on hold patient charges not billed
10. Inventory associate alignment assessment in perioperative areas

11. License Reduction: Overlapping software with acquisitions
12. Module usage: assessing interoperability among modules

13. GPO Contracting: On contract spending, local contract management, convert/standardize
14. Integration of Acquisitions: system wide process adoption percentage, legacy systems
15. Received not invoiced, No-PO/no-Pay, Open PO’s
16. Charge Master: products not being charged in clinical areas

Recovery Audit
17. Full A/P recovery audit as cost offset for future improvement projects
18. Contract pricing review and LOC signature percentage
19. Terms and Conditions & Vendor Guidelines reviews
20. Duplicate vendor review and fee capture audit

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