Auditrax launches proprietary Customer Portal

Auditrax is pleased to announce the launch of a Customer Portal that puts Auditrax at the forefront of recovery audit technology in yet another area of the industry. The system was created from scratch using proprietary software and hosted on the Auditrax secure servers.

The Customer Portal allows customers the opportunity to log in 24/7 to view audit progress in real time from anywhere. The system is so robust that the customer can view details from individual contact points with vendors to see what conversations are being had between collections managers and vendor contacts. All claim information will be available including spreadsheet invoice listing and supporting documents, follow up history, and even Auditrax invoice information.

“The Auditrax Customer Portal was designed to give the customer an unprecedented amount of access to the audit and claims recovery process” said Audit Manager Josh Fuhr “We really pushed IT to make it happen and they were able to deliver an amazing solution to our customers”

“After working with Salesforce as a customer portal,” said Auditrax IT Manager Keith Huss “we needed more flexibility to allow the depth of access the Audit Managers were requesting, so we pursued a different software package and the results are an incredible amount of information at the fingertips of the customer”

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