Successful product conversion requires extreme diligence and attention to detail. Without it, GPO contract compliance is nearly impossible. Regardless of the necessity, the process can be fraught with complexity and resistance by both clinicians and support staff. Our product conversion specialists understand that there’s more to switching from a favored item or vendor than just choosing a substitute from a list. It’s a cultural change as much as a change in the process of obtaining these new items. This is especially true in the realm of physician preference items.   Once we’ve assisted with determining which products need to be converted, our team reaches out to everyone affected.  Product samples are made available for these individuals to test before a replacement is ever chosen. Once approved, managers for that department are put in contact with the appropriate sale representative for ordering and staff training purposes.


Identifying the current product.

What is the primary function of the product? What is the cost of the product?

Evaluating the needs of hospitals regarding the use of product.

Who uses this product? How often is the product used?

Reporting alternative products that are available on contract.

How could the product be better? What samples would be helpful to have?

Communicating with additional vendors on contract.

What is the cost difference? What other vendors offer this product?

Sarah S.

At Auditrax we try to give as many possible options of same color and type with slight variances, listing out the price of each as well as the quantity you purchase by. For example we would offer a velcro closure green economy size gown that is cheaper than the original, a green back closure double tie that is near the price point, as well as any of the other contract compliant options. Our goal is always to provide the staff with a better product at a better value.

Sarah S.Senior Consulting Manager