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Today I was inspired by fellow Grand Rapids entrepreneur and Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) member Aaron VanderGailen to challenge myself to create a “Start With Why” statement. Start With Why is a book andTED talk from Simon Sinek that asks you to think of “What, How, Why” of your business and personal brand.

What – The product or service you offer. For Auditrax this is a procurement recovery audit that looks for over-payments to vendors.

How – The features of the product or service that make it special or set it apart from the competition. At Auditrax we provide the world’s best procurement recovery audit because we consistently recover more than any firm in the industry.

Why – This is a purpose, cause, or belief. It’s the reason your organization exists.

For the longest time I always wondered why I am so passionate about what I do. Why do I show up and give 100% every day in the office and care deeply about my clients? What exactly it is that I do as a leader that consistently delivers 4-10 more recoveries than publicly traded competitors? I always knew that our audits were in-depth, I always had confidence in our teams and their ability to identify more recoveries, but there always felt like there was something deeper.

Aaron warned me that coming up with my Why Statement would not be easy, and I expected it to be a very difficult journey to discover what was deep inside me making me tick. To my surprise, I was able to come up with my why statement that same night:

Why – because it’s my last name

Auditrax is a family company and the identity of the brand has been tied to the identity of our family. Its foundation comes from my dad’s experience in the industry and has passed to the 2nd generation with my brother Jeremy and myself as we have revolutionized the recovery audit industry with our in-depth recovery audits.

It comes from the fact that Auditrax is a Fuhr company, and that is something we are very proud of. There is a lot on the line when 3 men from a family are tied together through business, and it is not a responsibility I take lightly.

With every new client we continue to build the personal brand that represents industry leading recoveries, client satisfaction, and the future of the recovery audit industry.

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