What is Symphony?

Symphony is a “code name” for a business transformation process that is currently being implemented by Ascension Health and its Health Ministries. It involves the transition to PeopleSoft software from legacy systems and implementing process improvements along the way to better utilize the PeopleSoft features and reduce costs.

If we are not an Ascension Health Ministry, how does this apply to me?

For non-Ascension hospitals the Symphony project is not something you would be required to undertake and many of the transformations would not apply to your hospital. However, the core principles of the project are applicable to other healthcare organizations. These include lean process flow, racking and binning of products, labels of products for use with bar code scanners, and other inventory management process improvements.

What sections of the Symphony Implementation do you provide?

Auditrax provides the Supply Chain portion of the Symphony project, which is a significant majority of the assigned tasks. We currently do not offer Finance and Human Resource Symphony support for clients.

How can we help to reduce the cost of the Symphony Supply Chain Implementation for our Health Ministry?

Auditrax is in a unique position to help offset the cost of the Symphony Implementation for all hospitals that are willing to work with the Procurement Recovery Audit teams of Auditrax. A contingent based service that has been provided since 2000, the recovery audit can return approximately $1 million per $1 billion in annual patient billings for Ascension Health Ministries. The savings can be allocated however the hospitals feel most appropriate, but having an extra $1 million in cash for your health ministry will help offset some of the symphony project expenses.